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Assetto Corsa Skin Transfer App V1.1
Assetto Corsa Skin Transfer App V1.1 11/06/2017

This app allows you to use custom skins exclusively with SRS.
Please note that this app is optional, therefore not required to use SRS. If you enter a session where other users use custom skins and you do not have this app, you'll see the other cars with a plain white skin.

  • Skin folder must be named after your SRS username but on lower caps, no accents and spaces replaced by an underscore '_'
    • Ex: username:Henrique Alves      skin folder: henrique_alves
    • Ex: username:João Paço               skin folder: joao_paco
  • Skin size must be lower than 10MB
Installation & Usage:
  • Extract the zip file to Assetto Corsa root folder, '.../steam/steamapps/common/Assetto Corsa'. Older version does not need to be removed.
  • Activate the App ingame on the menu 'Options' > 'General' > 'UI Modules'
  • Skin transfer begins 5 minutes before the session hour and ends at the end of qualy. Outside this period the app will return 'Skin Transfer Unavailable'
  • It will work online and offline (practice, race weekend etc...) meaning that you can use those 2 minutes between the 'please wait' and 'join' to upload your skin.
  • [New on V1.0] The app now gives you more information of what is going on and also gives you voice messages:
    • 1 step - your skin: if you don't use a custom skin as specified above, the app will display on the 1st line that you are not using a custom skin and moves on for the downloads. If you are using a custom skin, the app will display if the upload was successful, if the skin was updated or if the upload failed due to size limit.

    • 2 step - downloads: the app will check the skins to download and download them as soon as they are available. The app stops (timesout) before the end of qualy. If all skins are downloaded before the app timesout, you'll get a success message and the app will ask you to press the new restart button in order to load the skins. if someone skips the race or tries to use a skin larger than 10 MB the the app will timeout, if during the process new skins are downloaded, it will tell you to press the restart button to load the new skins, otherwise, it will tell you to carry on.

  • SRS Skin Transfer App - Link
  • SRS logo - Feel free to include our logo - Link

Special Thanks to Kunos support!

Update 08/11/2017:
Asseto Corsa Apps are now bundled on  a single package available on the link above.

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