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Cant access any menu during race
(12-10-2020, 06:18 PM)Matteo Venuti Wrote:  have you used the chat in the leaderboard/setup menu before the race?
I remember chatting before the race. And I see that there is a reply below me talking about it. I'll try to use his method to see if it fixes it.

(12-10-2020, 07:03 PM)Tim Cullingworth Wrote:  I've had this a few times and I think it's when I've used the chat.

Nowadays if I type a message I make sure I then use the mouse to select something on the menu afterwards e.g. pits setup or timing.

I think what is happening is the chat window is capturing all keyboard inputs.  Are you using the Custom shader, as I think they added an enhanced chat feature which I think might be causing the issue?
I think I remember that chatting. I'll try to do what you do to fix it. Hopefully, it works. I am using the shaders in content manager I think. I'll see if I can disable it to fix it?

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