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Auto-refresh cars/tracks
Hi all,
I am new in this website and I am starting to download content about tracks and cars successfully. Cool
My doubt if there is a way to refresh my content in order to the "sim racing system app" detects my new content in my new folders.
That is, update the flag from "content missing" to "Register" without having to close and open the corsa assetto. (Or the same, in content table from status "missing!" to "ok")
Thank you, Big Grin

I'd recommend using 'Content Manager' for Assetto Corsa.
The more Cars/Tracks you add to AC, the longer it takes for AC to startup. Content Manager bypasses this (plus offers much, much more)
You'll still need to restart Content Manager after a new Mod is added, but the time savings is huge.
I'd also recommend getting the full version of Content Manager, you won't be disappointed
I'll take a look on that.
Thank you.

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