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Assetto Corsa CSP Installer / Uninstaller
This utility is meant for Vanilla AC users only!!

If you use Content Manager, you don't need to use this tool.
Some content (tracks/cars) may require Custom Shaders Patch installed, therefore, Vanilla AC users need to install it for some races.

Installation: Unzip the contents to the Assettocorsa root and run the "SRS_CSP_Installer.exe" file.

The recomended version is 1.60 because despite being old it doesn't crash.
Multiple tests were made using v1.70 and above but there was a high number of online disconnections during these tests. Therefore we don't recommend them for Vanilla Ac users.

The installer is provided with 3 CSP versions (1.60, 1.70 & 1.79). You can add more by placing the zip files from the Custom shaders patch website  on the folder named "CSPVersions". Do not extract the contents!!
Custom Shaders Patch website

Download (click on this link)

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