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Sow relative positions? App or in game?
How do I show relative positions? Is it a 3rd party app I need or is it in game already? I cannot seem to find it. Thanks
You can use the "real time app" from AC (ingame app, not 3rd party).
When on track, move your mouse to the right and search the app.

[Image: maxresdefault.jpg]

Its the black one to the left.
What do the different colors mean for this app. Guessing green is faster time and blue slower, but not sure. Also yellow and white. Thanks
Blue usually means a lap down i think, yellow is you, white are other drivers that are in front or behind you on the same lap...the only thing i use it for is to see if the guy behind me is catching up or if im catching the guy in front of me...perfect for that. I don't really pay attention to the times on the bottom, just pass 1 car at a time..lol
Yeah. Times in this app are screwed. The only reason I kept it is to know if car ahead/behind me is on the same lap as me Wink
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