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Thank you thank you!!
just had my first race with m2s..and what a race people were racing really well I was impressed. Better racing than the rookie brutes at iracing.. an this is free.

This for me has turned around AC, it just works so well this SRS with AC... kunos should thank you..

wow thanks!
Dan Big Grin
I totally agree. This is going to be huge for AC!
I am gonna show SRS app to my old LFS racing community and see if they will awaken and come to AC! Smile
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Thank you DEVs, this is awsome !
Thanks this is incredible!! Thanks
I agree! Nice Job, finally one of the things that was missing in AC is now available. Thank you so much!!! I never had beautiful battles and races as now with simracingsystem. Good job guys ,everyone here in the community is so greatful.
Thank you, this is a live safer for Assetto online.

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