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Content Missing Issue
Happy New Year to everyone!
I am new to this community and so far it is awesome learning everything. However, I have downloaded several tracks and cars successfully, however, one of them is still showing "content missing" even though when I expand the race details, it shows I have everything I need including car, track, etc. Any idea why this may be happening? I can't join that particular race due to this error although it is 5 days anyway, but thought I would tackle this in advance. >) The race is the GT4 Supercup.
Thank you very much!
same problem
the app doesn't detect the mod version
you must have an outdated mod
I am new and a little old age confused.
I had before downloaded all tracks and cars.
I also am having ( content missing ) , for example on some events it says I should be using a different car than what is being raced? Honda s800 instead of 235I

Also for example the Euro event at Mazda everything shows OK except there is 4 lines that say undefined ? just not sure what more to download

GT3 are all DLCs.
235i is a DLCs

Tracks & mods that are not installed correctly will give the content missing message.
same problem in 2019 but mods do not have any update
if Kunos content is giving you 'content missing', delete the launcherdata folder at mydocs/assetto corsa and perform a steam integrity check.

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