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Race register Problem
Hi all,
I am new here since today and wanted to race with a friend. I installed everything fine and my friend also checked it. When I try to register for a race in the app, it just sends me after the car selection back to the start screen. It doesn`t matter which event, it happens at any event I tried to register. Just getting always back to the start screen of SRS, where I can register again. How to fix this?
I think someone solved the problem by making sure that the "Shoutbox" ticker thing on the webpage is not expanded. Apparently that web app causes some folks a problem?
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I tried, but nothing changed. Still the same Problem...
(03-28-2018, 09:39 PM)Chris Hawking Wrote:  I tried, but nothing changed. Still the same Problem...

have you tried running 32 bit mode for AC just to see.... or it could be a select skin problem...not sure if you're using custom skin but try it with limited skins in the skins folder...or try to register on your friend's computer on your account just to see if your account is good ...check integrity of Kunos files too
Tried all of it, still no change. A friend of me could register to races after logging in into my account, so it’s a problem of my pc. I already reinstalled everything but also no results..

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