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Race by time duration and not lap
There is a mod to set race duration by time like in a SRS race?
If I want to train offline I can set only laps but in 1h race is hard to know the exact number of lap.. 
Someone can help me?

A bit of googling turns up the fact that apparently you can only do this for multiplayer. Might be possible to set up a private server and join it as a single racer, but no AI.

As for figuring out how many laps, that's just some math you can do. Do a few laps until you think you have close to race pace. Your time is L (lap time). T is total race time. How many laps you do during the total race time is T/L rounded up to the next whole number.

So if you have a 90 second lap time and the race is 20 minutes (1200 seconds), then it's 1200/90=13.333, round up to 14 and that's 14 laps. T/L is really close to a whole number, round up then add one more lap, just in case there are folks faster than you on the grid.

At least... that's how I do it! There might be an easier way, but I don't know it.
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You might try this app that can be downloaded from Race Department: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads...uel.15424/

I always seemed to be running out of fuel at the end of a race using the AC in game furl calculation, but since using this app that hasn't happened. I could be just luck... Big Grin

There are two version, I like the simple one.

No problem, glad to help. Smile
Since I'm playing only in the afternoon / evening, so there are already 1-2 tournaments on the new venues. So I can look at the lapnumber in race results.
I calculate the fuel based on the qualifing, but I still have +5 liters more than my teammates.
Best Regards

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