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Crew Chief
Crew Chief is awesome, especially in traffic it helps you keep your eyes on the road, I find it invaluable. Sometimes when I'm late for a race, quickjoin and forget to turn on CrewChief I feel lost, something is missing Smile

There is a language pack out there which has the Chief swear at you when you're useless - I failed to find it now, I'll googole a little later. It addes a little fun if you're not easily offended Smile

HeliCorsa is the same, thank god I can't forget to turn that on. It should be mandatory. (I love how it's part of the inbuilt and default apps in ACC, every race sim should have it by default.)

If you have both of the above and still push people off track it's cos you want to Big Grin

Sidekick is my third esssential, though I use it more in practise than anything else. In race I only need the above 2.

Similarly for practise and setting up your car: Protyres


Just saves you so much time fiddilng around.


CrewChief foul language is just an option in the options for the application... no need to download anything extra. And it is surprisingly natural sounding most of the time!
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