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Assetto Corsa Skin Transfer App V1.1
Hi, my sim crashes right before it completes loading a practice session with this app activated. Is that because it only works in SRS servers?
The app only transfers skins from SRS sessions, But it should not give you problems offline or with another server.
What you are describing is not normal.
I thought it could be a conflict between apps, but I tried to disable others while keeping this one checked and it still crashes. Any troubleshooting ideas?
really strange. could you please uninstall, download again and try again?
Just tried it, clean AC with no other apps or content, still crashes.
Are you using an anti virus software?
Yep. Will try to add an exception later, and see if it's any different. Thanks for the input.
That was the issue and it's good now, thanks.
Good call Henrique!
I created a skin for the Sim race studio Formula Hybrid series as I usually do. Then the warning came up that the skin was too large. I checked after the race and it's 22MB, way over the 10MB limit. Is there a way to compress them? I know there is for rF2.....

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