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Few srs questions

First i want to apologise for my poor english.
I am new player in simracing games before i was playing a lot gran turismo with gamepad,until i bought logitech gt27 6months ago and i am + surprised.At first i started with Iracing it was ok but expensive and i was everywhere low in rankings becuse i started few years to late.Than i heard SRS for assetto corsa and i am satisfied.
So i have few different questuons:

1. Where is SRS going? Is this only start? Is it  going to be big as Iracing? 
2. Is it going to be for free always ( i doesnt mind if i must to pay something)
3. What guarentees do we have that this project Srs doesnt end ?
4.In the future is possible to get some money out of this for drivers? Or maybe bet system that u can bet an drive ( like in poker exemple:10 drivers on grid everybody pays 5eu and than money is delt depende on finish place) ?
5.How does point sistem work? Before my driving rating was 369 than i have one race i finished 4/5 with 2incidents and my rating is down to 368? Why is that? In the beggining my rating was going up fast now not...why is that so?

So that is it for now, i want to thank u for answers!

Have a nice day  Smile
1 - Main development has been done, still there are always improvements and new features to work on. How big will it become? Too many variables in play to give a straight answer.
2 - That has been the plan since the beginning
3 - well, guarentes... none, but i don't like to invest time on something just to keep me busy
4 - Having prizes is not impossible, but not on the current situation.
5 - Rating measures your performance, so if you end up on top positions with little incs, you'll continue to rise. the most important aspect is to finish races with less incs as possible. Also, if you register and don't show up you also loose rating.
Thank u for answers,so u are one man band? If so big respect than ! I hope that your goals with this program get acchived.And keep up with good work!

Best regards!

I don't want to start a new topic but is there an introduction somewhere to this whole thing because I am confused. How to register for a series, which series are most rookie, how to get matched with similar rookies etc. or is it all in the app? As on the forum I cannot really find any introduction. Also, speaking with others? TeamSpeak or the app also has voice chat? I have not checked the app yet as it s not my gaming computer I just wonder if there is an introduction text somewhere. And if I look at what the downloadable app is it is basically a HTML file that looks exactly like this website. Where is the "stuff"? Are most things server side here with a thin client?
On the website you can only see information, you can't register on sessions. For that you use the ingame app which is similar to the website but lets you register and join the races. Install it and you will see.

Rating and performance separate drivers when grids are bigger than the race slots and divides them into splits. For begginers i would say avoid F1, classic F1 and group C, but if you are carefull you can race on them all.
Thanks! When the daily schedule says a time, it is in GMT time?
to get correct time, you should select your time zone on your profile

Top right corner>your name>user cp>left side 'your profile' Edit options
Thank you, I did that by sign-up but I didn't expect the app to be so nice as to use MY time zone, thank you Smile
Hola, tengo un problema desde hace dias intento participar en los eventos y no encuentro la solucion al problema, todo lo anterior al unirse segùn le leo creo que lo hago bien pero cuando llega la hora de entrar al servidor me sale este mensaje "ERROR: El servidor está ejecutando un protocolo diferente "ya ha abierto los puertos, incluso ha borrado los cokies segu'n leido en el foro pero no encuentro la solución, espero que me ayuden, gracias y un saludo para todos.
It seems you are running a different version, steam should update it automatically. check your settings regarding updates

Quote:Parece que está ejecutando una versión diferente de AC, vapor debe actualizar automáticamente. Compruebe su configuración con respecto a las actualizaciones

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