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Assetto Corsa Required App
When I press join the loading screen appears for a second then it boots back to menu.
Me too

When I press join the loading screen, back to meno again.
check the video resolution in the game options menu.

(05-18-2016, 10:01 PM)Juan Carlos Díaz Wrote:  Me too

When I press join the loading screen, back to meno again.
AMD Ryzen 5 1600 @3.5GHz | ASUS Prime B350-Plus | 16GB DDR4 2400Mhz RAM | ASUS Strix GeForce GTX1070 8GB OC | Triple DELL 22" 1920x1080 | SimHub on 2nd DELL 15" monitor | Win10 Pro | Microsoft Xbox One Gamepad | Logitech G27+H shifter
The video resolution its ok!

I can play Assetto normaly, but srs system no
After few corrections Sim Racing System works great foe me. Thank you! Big Grin  We need more racers!  Wink
Great app!! Thank you !
Hope that will come more racers ! Smile
Lose the app. It's a waste of time. Just keep everything in "1" place or don't bother at all. This has to be super easy so I'm not tempted to just go back to iracing or R3E.
I think the app works pretty well...
I am loving the SRS app so far.  It is integrated into the game amazingly well and was a breeze to setup.  I would also like to praise the race format.  The races are the perfect length for me, any longer and I would not be willing to participate.  Any possibility on using modded tracks/cars in future race series?

I did two races last night using my Oculus CV1 and had a blast, the performance is exceptional.  In my second race I didn't press "ready to race" in time so my race started from the pit and put me a half a lap behind everyone else.  If there are any more "gotcha's" that people have experienced, please let me know.

I haven't been racing in Assetto Corsa for a long time(after they lost dk2 support) so I need to spend more time learning setups and which apps to use because the stock setup I used was much slower than others.  I will definitely be using this app much more.
did a race yesterday and checked the results, seems i'm not listed, nor a re a few others i swear i raced with. What's the process? i did leave after finishing the race, is this the problem?

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