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First race
I´ve just finished my fisrt race here but i don´t know what´s next. I have to do something?
Hi Sergio,

Maybe check your results in Standings and join the next race.
Hali! I just finished FIRST Lotus evora Imola race in 3rd place and did not score? why is this?  So it will be difficult to collect points if I do not get my performance Sad
Lorant you did score. I just checked the race results and it says you got 70 points: 73 points for 3rd place in second division, minus 3 points for a single incident.

Sometimes it takes a while before the results are posted. A few days ago my results were posted about 12 hours later, but SRS servers were experiencing problems.
Frenzy Conducive "Benzine Wagons" Being "Tuned-Up" By Mechanicians
Arrived !!! Thanks guys and apologize!

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